Trash to Treasure Console (literally)! (SOLD)

When I say from the trash, I really mean it.  When I drove into my neighborhood, I saw this in a neighbors’ trash pile.

 It was in decent condition with no damage. The size was perfect as a side table, console or nightstand and the “old school” butterfly hinges were super cool! I thought I could walk it the 1/2 block to my house, but it was rock solid.   My sweet husband drove the 1/2 block for pick up and delivery!


The old leather top was faded and worn.


But the two shelves for storage were a bonus.


So I decided to use a bold color for this piece.  CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sun Yellow. I know- like I said “bold” choice. One of the many things I love about CeCe Caldwell products is the final color of the paint will change depending on the finish you pick! Watch what happens when I use clear wax at the end!


After only two coats of paint, I was really happy with the outcome.  The original brown stain was visible under the paint, creating the perfect “aged-worn over time” look!


Dark “Jacobean” stain brought life to the worn top and I added vintage style upholstery tacks for added charm.


I could have stopped here but I felt like the piece needed something?  A stencil? Yup…a stencil.  I know stencils are something “Grandma” used, but stencils are trending!  And, they can add that extra design element to turn a piece from boring to beautiful. The final step was to wax the entire piece with CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax (to bring out the yellow pigments in the paint)……

And that is how to turn trash to treasure!

Say hello to “Treasure”


It was sad to say goodbye, but this piece SOLD!

Here’s a look back at the beginning, the middle, and the end!

Thanks for stopping by!

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