How to take a Poinsettia from Boring to Beautiful in 5 Easy Steps!

The Poinsettia is an inexpensive holiday decoration but it is really boring.  Here is a super easy way to take the lowly poinsettia from boring to beautiful in 5 easy steps!

So here is a poinsettia I purchased for $4.00.

photo 1

Step 1): I removed the foil wrapper and chose a decorative container as the new home for the poinsettia. I have a collection of vintage soup tureen, so I chose this one.  Cute right!

photo 3

Step 2): I gathered evergreens, wisteria vines, magnolia, and ivy from my garden.

photo 5

Step 3). Now it’s time to put it all together. I added greenery to the base and throughout the plant.



Step 4): It’s starting to take shape but I feel like something is missing. So I added one more thing, dried hydrangea.  In the summer I pick hydrangea (Mophead) from my garden and dry them in my house. (Note: Hydrangea will maintain it’s color if you keep it away from the sun)



Step 5). I placed the poinsettia on a pedestal (a cake plate covered with a plaid napkin), and I am thrilled with the results!


And that’s how a Poinsettia goes from boring to beautiful!





Here is a look back at before, during, and after.

Thank you for checking out my post!

Happy Holidays! Love, Nicole

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