6 Trees and a Deer!

In keeping with my “vintage” Christmas decorations, I decided to find alternatives to the standard Christmas trees. The traditional green trees are fine, but I wanted to be creative.  So, here is what I created:

1) pineconetreeswmPine cones tucked in mercury glass containers create a pine cone forest.

2) branchtreeswmGreenery in vintage glass containers with vintage balls and a tree topper.

3) topiarytreewm A Topiary wrapped in a white shawl with a red  brooch.

4) treeinbasketwm White branches and nandina berries in a vintage metal bucket, with an apples and berries wreath.

5) railstreewm 3 Chippy white stair posts, a metal star and a burlap “tree” skirt.

6) clochetreewm A glass cloche filled with vintage holiday balls and a metal star.

deerbeforeAnd a deer.

I recently attended a holiday gift exchange and cute teenager got this deer as a gift.  It was obvious, she did not like it.  I loved it and was thrilled to “steal” it from her.  I could see the swan (I mean deer), it could become.

deerafter2 So, after a coat of paint and a new bow tie, here’s Dasher! He’s so cute……

I’d love to see your alternative Christmas trees and Deer.  Happy Decorating!

Love, Nicole