Forysthia In Bloom, Inside, In winter-Oh My!

Thanks for the update Phil (the groundhog)! Six more weeks of winter:(

0121151342I am so over winter I had to create a little “springtime” in my home.

Two weeks ago (January 21st) I cut forsythia branches and brought them inside.


I put the branches in a vase of luke warm water, sprayed them with warm water and put the vase in a sunny window.

The vase on the left is peach and the vase on the right is forsythia.

Every 5 days I sprayed them with warm water, and today (February 5th) this is what I have: Springtime in Winter! This branch is filled with blooms and some places have green leaves. It’s not too late, you can do this now and have flowers in 2-3 weeks! Forsythia, peach, quince, and pear are all good flowers for forcing.


The peach branches are taking a little longer and should (I hope) be blooming in 2 weeks. I’ll keep you posted on their progress!

Peach branches after 2 weeks.


Thanks and Happy Decorating!